Ananda Fundraising

Donating to our animal charity is a great way to support the sanctuary, bringing in much needed funds and spreading the word about the sanctuary. 

Our animal sanctuary is run on donations and the founders earnings, so we are always looking for supporters to fundraise on our behalf whether its a sponsored walk or organising a raffle/auction.

Perhaps you have a skill and would like to donate your time to raise funds such as a yoga or Pilates instructor, massage therapist, beauty therapist, artist, hairdresser, nutritionist… anything! We can help with organising an event with you, and possibly even host it here at the sanctuary! So, get in touch to discuss if you have any suggestions. Here are some ways you can help raise funds:

  • Facebook birthday fundraiser
  • Sponsored walk/run (e.g. Kiltwalk, Tough Mudder etc or create your own)
  • Bake sale at your work or run a raffle
  • Hosting Ananda stalls at events
  • Charity day if you run a small business – e.g. Chairty Yoga Class and all proceeds go to Ananda
  • Games night or pub quiz
  • Made with love – if your gifted at making arts and crafts why not make some items and give them to your friends/colleagues and ask for a donation

Animal Sanctuary Volunteering

Animal Carer Volunteer

If you would like to help out at the sanctuary with mucking out, animal care, maintenance or to be on call for transporting rescues, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to volunteer as an Animal Carer, we ask that you’re able to commit to one weekly 4 hour shift.

If you’re a tradesman or handyman, we would also love to hear from you – we always have maintenance work needing done and can always use extra help on bigger projects.

Online volunteering

There are lots of ways you can volunteer remotely, too, so please get in touch if you have skills in web design, graphic design, PR, marketing, painting/drawing, video editing, content writing or are an accountant. There are lots of areas we can always use help in to help us grow and rescue more animals.

Our volunteers on offsite are just as vital to the smooth running of the sanctuary as our onsite volunteers.

Visit Our Farm Sanctuary

In the Spring and Summer, we run Meet & Greet days where you can visit our farm sanctuary and get taken around to be introduced to all the animals, hear their stories and learn about them and why they’re here.

Visiting our animal sanctuary is a great way to connect with the animals and see their different personalities up close and personal.

We don’t make our animals do anything they don’t want to though – it’s entirely up to them if they want to come over and say hello. This is their home and we ask that visitors respect that and give them space if they ask for it.

Meet & Greet Information:

  • When? Saturdays 10.30am!
  • How much? We ask for a £10 donation per person.
  • Duration? Your animal sanctuary visit will typically last around 1.5hrs
  • How to visit our farm sanctuary? Get in touch with a member our helpful team to enquire about available dates – booking is essential! You can also visit our Instagram and Facebook page to see a list of available Meet & Greet Days.