Welcome to Ananda Animal Sanctuary! Based just outside Biggar in Scotland, our vegan animal sanctuary is home to over 80 animals including sheep, goats, turkeys, cows, ducks, geese, pigs, chickens, cats and a three legged dog.


We rescue rehabilitate and provide forever homes for animals that have been abused, neglected, saved from slaughter, unwanted or have come from families that due to a change in circumstances have had to re-home their companion animals.

Vegan Animal Charity

At Ananda Animal Sanctuary, we see every animal as an individual and believe all animals deserve compassion and kindness.

Some animals that come to us don’t have long to live and others have just been born. Yet, wherever they are on their life journey, they will get a safe and loving home with the best possible care at Ananda Animal Sanctuary to live out their natural lives. 

If you’d like to donate to our farm animal rescue sanctuary, find out more from our Donate section.

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