Our animals each have their own personalities, habits, likes/dislikes and we’d love for you to get to know them all!


We have 31 sheep living at Ananda and anyone who says sheep are all the same clearly haven’t met our bunch. Cookie is a stubborn bosy wee thing but still needs her head scratches and bum massages. She was our first rescued sheep and came from the farming industry. Tinto couldn’t walk when he first arrived and now is one of our biggest sheep and loves to jump up on fences as well as humans haha. Bart has the funniest bleet you’ve ever heard. Harris will come running for a cuddle the second he sees you in the paddock. Skye is best friends with a one of our cows, she still doesn’t fully believe she’s a sheep. They all have different personalities and different needs, some need a lot of affection and attention while others prefer their own space. One thing they all have in common though is how much they love bedtime! We stand at the bottom of the paddock and shout “sheepies” and they all come bundling down the hill to get their dinner and go to bed.


12 goats call the sanctuary their home and boy do they keep us on our toes. Goats are extremely intelligent and need a lot of enrichment physically and mentally. In their paddock they have a lots of platforms of different heights, a trampoline, bridges and tyre pyramids to keep them entertained when they’re not grazing. Goats have a strong hierarchy, this helps to minimise fighting as the pecking order so to speak is establlished. Ben and Jerry are the top of the herd, Ben is the most gentle soul but he’s the boss. They’re both Saanen goats and came from the dairy industry where they were going to be slaughtered just for being male and of no use to the farmer as they don’t produce milk. They’re the smartest goats we’ve ever met and can open gates and bolts and jump a 5ft fence with ease! Huckleberry and Pumpkin are pygmy goats that were kept as pets in a garage/garden. The owners could no longer look after them properly and asked for help. Toto is just the most chilled out wee dude ever, loves affection but he’s a bit of an introvert in the herd and prefers to wonder off and enjoy his own company.


Rye and Buddha were rescued from the dairy industry in Feb 2021 and just a couple weeks old. As males don’t produce milk they are seen as a waste product by the farmer. Just like humans, cows have their own individual personalities. Rye has bundles of energy, confidence and loves doing his zoomies around the place. He’s the one we have to watch out for as can be a bit cheeky at times; his favourite thing to do is to tip over the wheelbarrow when we’re mucking out! He is nicknamed Rye the Rocket! Buddha is more chilled out and loves a chin scratch. He can be stubborn at times but just likes to take his time and do things at his pace.


We have 6 pigs living at the sanctuary. Despite their reputation, pigs are actually very clean animals. They have a pig wallow where they will go to cool off on a warm day and the mud acts like a sunscreen to protect their skin. Ruru and Rongo are Kune Kune pigs and were the first pigs we rescued in January 2021. Since then more pigs have joined the family. They are such friendly and intelligent animals. They love to root around and get belly scratches. They need a lot of enrichment like puzzles and treat balls, but to date nothing beats a big pile of straw! 


We have 3 turkeys at the sanctuary, Bruce is the only male and was rescued by someone from a meat market. How to describe Bruce……well, he’s like a grumpy old man. He hates everyone. Selena is the only one he tolerates and allows to pick him up! He has a love/hate relationship with bright colours and is obsessed with blueberries! The two ladies in his life are Hindi and Tillie. hey are both shy but Tillie can be a bit of a bullie in Spring to the chickens so sometimes gets put in the naughty corner. Turkeys are amazing at flying unlike chickens and Tillie and Hindi occationally get the urge to fly out of their very large paddock and explore the stables and the other paddocks.

Ducks & Geese

We currently have 4 ducks and one goose at the sanctuary. They live with the turkeys and chickens in a big paddock which also has a pond. The ducks love nothing more than going for a swim in their pond but you’ll often find them opting for a muddy puddle, those are also fun apparently. Geese are very protective and we’ve seen Francis often honking if anyone is fighting, our resident peace keeper!


Most of our hens have come from the egg industry but some have come from a university research experiment and others from pet homes that could no longer look after them. Our hens and cockerels all live together however we are planning on creating a bachelor flock to help with the never ending issue of people breeding and not wanting to care for the cockerels. Cockerels don’t get a very good rap but once you get to know them, they’re actually pretty amazing. They’ll call over the hens when they find food before touching it themselves, they alert the flock when there is potential danger and they even split up fights if any of the hens are having a quarrel.